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Metzger McGuire Armor Hard


Composition Armor-Hard Kit is a concrete floor repair kit consisting of a two-component structural epoxy binder and a pre-measured bag of custom blended sand aggregate. When epoxy and aggregate are combined they produce a mortar that is easily worked and troweled. This is an early-set system designed specifically for the repair of industrial concrete floors subject to hard wheeled traffic. Related Products/Versions Armor-Hard is available in two primary versions: Armor-Hard Liquid or Kit - Early Set properties (faster than standard structural epoxies, slower than Extreme), use limited to temperatures of 50F +. Armor-Hard Extreme Liquid or Kit - Quick set properties, multiple temperature applications. Typical Use As a mortar; Spall repair/rebuilding of joint shoulders As a topping for delaminated slabs Fill in holes, gouges, ruts, pop outs Repair broken slab panel corners

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