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Nomaco Sof Rod


SOF® ROD Bi-Cellular Polyethylene Backer Rod SOF® Rod is a soft bi-cellular polyethylene foam backer rod used in concrete construction. It is comprised of both open and closed cells that will not out-gas when skin is ruptured and prevents sealant bubbling and failure. Size's: 3/8" x 1400', 5/8" x 550', 7/8" x 330', 5/8" x 1550', 7/8" x 850', 1 1/8" x 500', 1 1/2" x 552', also sold in 6ft. Sticks, 2" x 360", also sold in 6ft. Sticks, 3" x 144' also sold in 6ft. Sticks, 4" x 90', also sold in 6ft. Sticks

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